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Jingle ber jingle ber jingle all the way...
Does it ring a ber?

Today's the first day of September and as a Filipino trademark the Christmas season has started by the so called ber months. They say that we have the longest celebration of Christmas in the world. From the September to December up to the first few weeks of January the next year.

Well, we all know it's a bit early and definitely long but this is how Christmas in the Philippines is. It doesn't only reflect our religious and rich culture but also our love for celebrations. We might not have the famous winter wonderland but we have our own warmth for this occasion.

This is the most awaited time of the year, where families bond and friend reunite to cherish the merriest holiday. Not to mention the delicious delicacies like puto bungbong and bibingka that blends with the aroma and stream from the banana leaves wrappings. You should really try this, because the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can usually buy this outside the church after attending the simbang gabi.

Most of the attendees are people who have wishes and believe that it will be granted if they completed the nine masses. While others are lovers who thought that this is a good place to have their public display of affection(the nerves).

Christmas in the Philippines won't be complete without them and I'm sure that our fellow filipinos abroad is missing this. Specially the ninongs and ninangs who are hiding from their inaanak (like me). So what are you waiting for? Pull those old parol and dusty decors and start bringing the spirit of Christmas into your home. Santa might just visit you earlier this year.

Facebook has done so much to our lives. We get reunited to long lost friends, relatives (and even pets). Moreover, we get to share the our thoughts and feelings no way better than videos. Even if it's an original video or copied on Youtube, the reason we share it, is for our friends to experience the thrill we get watching it.

One thing I liked about waking up early in the morning is when you get so much notification after you've posted something shocking on Facebook. People will always get curious on things they thought would be good but after a while they'll think it's GREAT! Then they share it to other friends and goes viral until it reaches some point of saturation and gets bored. Now, the question is, why am I saying this? I really don't know; but if your curious enough, try to watch the video above. I think  it'll be fun and a good way to start the day, unearthing your  sleepy nerves. Good morning everyone!

Share what you really want to share. Take control.

The way we share things on Facebook will be much more controlled as they are implementing the concept similar to Google Plus. Mimicking this feature is not that bad, if there are no unlawful implications. It’s like a whole new experience, as if it’s Facebook +.

When we update our status, post a story, tag a photo or added a friend in Facebook, all of our friends see it. Do we really want that? Sometimes, we do want to share something for a specific group of friends. This would be possible for the next few days, as changes will be rolling out and enjoy Facebook more as announced in their blog posts yesterday. It is definitely a PLUS!

Tagging on post will now not be limited to your friends but anyone on Facebook. Isn’t that great? By doing this, "creates an instant link to the person’s profile and may share your post with their friends". You can also tag locations to anything like status update, photo or Wall posts.

With this new mechanics coming soon, I presume “Everyone” is excited or I might say the “Public” is excited. Facebook also did change the word “Everyone” to “Public”, on the sharing drop down menu, to correct the use of proper language. As they say “anyone can see it but not everyone will see it”. I am look forward on these changes and I pity those who deleted their Facebook account thinking Google Plus will take over the social network.

It’s been like a couple of days that we became so busy at work. We’re on the phase of the development where bugs are crawling out of the system and deadlines are coming. There was a point where we had three consecutive stressful days that we have to go from one client to the other, and it was no joke.

After that week we decided to go to the spa to unwind, located at Calamba, Laguna; beside Padis Point I was thrilled to have my first spa experience. And so we came to the place, checked in and unloaded our things. First thing to do was to shower, then sauna after. This room is hot enough to make you sweat and had this small hour glass to track time (so you don’t get cooked for staying too long). Next stop was the foot spa. You get to soak your feet on the solution as you wait for your masseuse. And when they arrived, they’ll start massaging your forehead then your back, arms and lastly your feet. They’ll rub this aromatic oil. Well I don’t know if this is to prevent them from smelling an athlete’s foot, if ever.

I thought it was over; but it was not. We went to a room where you’ll see a bed with a hole. I think this is where you put your head (and drool on it) when the massage session starts. After a couple of minutes the masseuse came, and the full-body-relaxation-and-circus-act session started. There were parts of the routine where you’ll be lifted. Your back supported by the masseuse’s feet and rocked like baby. I can’t help but smile when I remember we’re doing these. And hell yeah, this was like a gymnastics class. Anyway the experience was great. I think I’ll have to do it again. One more thing, I was glad I didn't drool on the hole.

As a Filipino our day will not be complete without rice. Whether it's plain, fried, bahaw or halomanis, we eat it. Pondering with each spoonful, plus our favorite SILOG meal, everything's perfect. So What better way to start the morning than to spend it at McDonald's. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we should not compromise ourselves. Hot fried rice, pouched egg, sweet longganisa and Arabic coffee is not that bad to fill the hungry tummy. Complete with basic nutritional benefits, these will surely give energy for the entire day. And I'm talking like I'm nutritionist expert.

It's been like a month when McDonald's introduced their McCafé. Focusing on tasteful coffee brews brought an extra posh and attracted a wider market. Other McDonald's store offer mocha and cappuccino, which I am planning to try. You can enjoy the delicious Arabic coffee for only 25 pesos. But then I was surprised that they are no longer offering unlimited coffee. You have to 15 pesos for every refill. Nevertheless I liked the innovations McDonald's did. Go ahead and take a sip of this wonderful brew with amazingly affordable price. I was thinking, will they offer kapeng barako too?

Just had a wonderful merienda at McDonald's earlier and tweeted.

After two consecutive overnights, I decided to reward myself with a nice meal. I was craving for a spaghetti and my all time favorite thirst quencher McFloat. This drink is commonly order because it is refreshing and has this towering sundae with chocolate syrup complementing the soda.

So I ordered the econo meal commonly known as McSavers. I was surprised when the crew handed me this big cup, they call "Monster Float". Being so stupid, I asked him if this was really my order. The crew explained to me and I was thrilled to know that this was part of the promo. Bigger servings for the same price. Isn't that a great deal?

I was so happy and enjoyed the steaming pasta, juicy patty and the towering Monster Float for only 93 pesos. This is far better than Jollibee's N2 that includes spaghetti, burger and a small soda which costs for about 82 pesos last time I ate.

I have nothing against Jollibee. They introduced this soda float that tastes like medicine and chicken burger that I have not yet tried. I just can't take that they are trying so hard to be like McDonalds.  Could they just think of something else?

So next time you eat on a fast food chain, make sure you use your money wisely and feed your hungry tummy with those delicious treats with out paying extra.

Google Plus, the latest product of Google though in a limited trial period currently, has attracted so much attention over the internet. The social networking site promises a more relevant interaction among its users and has benefited from the strong points offered by famous social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook. This can be considered the ultimate hybrid of those two sites, not to mention the plethora of Google products gluing together.

As Google Plus strives to compete with Facebook, games were rolled out last week. Taking into advantage the new tab dedicated to gaming activity of users. Unlike in Facebook were you see all stories published by game apps on the news feeds, Google Plus placed a tab were you can see other user's activity separated from the main stream. This eliminates annoyance to other users who doesn't want to see whether beat the mafia or harvested your berries.

By fine tuning the updates presented to users can definitely improve the experience especially in terms of entertainment and player interaction. Users can easily switch from the game's tab if they wanted to check things going on their game buddies.

Everyone is excited for the launch of Google Plus API in the public. If this will be available anytime sooner we can all enjoy the rich environment Google Plus has to offer. Is this really the end for Facebook? I was just thiking, can we migrate our game data from Facebook to Google Plus so we don't start all over again. I wish I'll be answered soon.

Twitter has been so popular over the world and wouldn't it be nice to use it in your own language.
Tonight I joined the Twitter Translation Center after reading their post about Filipino translation of the said social network. I was fascinated that they actually considered us. It only means that our tweet habit is worth considering.

Currently Twitter is translated to eleven languages Dutch, Portuguese, French, Indonesian, Italian,German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. Filipino and Malay as their current work in progress. But one thing that bothers me on that post is the word "Filippino", was it a typographical mistake or a serious error.

Translating Twitter in your own language is fun. You get to appreciate things more, think much deeper of the nearest word that could fit and apply the lessons your Filipino teacher thought you in high school.

As of now, I was able to translate 50 entries at level two and I'm planning to finish these all. I might get a cool reward. They say, active translator gets a badge. I'm so excited to see Twitter in Filipino.

Vote for me guys!

Just this moment, early morning, I checked my twitter account. I was welcomed by this message:

"Share an image on Twitter"

I was surprised and awed. But I wondered why did they put this feature now? What will happen to the famous third party photo sharing for Twitter like yfrog and Twitpic? Are they any repercussion for this move? What else can I do here? Has anyone blogged this yet?

I tried to upload a "tweemage", or whatever you want to call it. And as you can see it here, it's powered by Photobucket, another photo sharing website. I have no idea about this partnership, so I have to read about it.

After reading a post, I found out that so called deal was made for a big comeback of Photobucket after it has been sold off due to ,  "... well-publicized DNS attacks and reported failures in corporate integration." Photobucket assures that they can accommodate and scale to the Twitter's users base having 10 million users and 8 billion uploads. I wondered how can they handle 1 million tweets per minute.

The web being more socially interactive and big companies teaming up, I won't be surprised if Twitter and Facebook would team up later in the future to battle Google +. Or I am wrong.

An artist is an artist.

Everyone's talking about the controversial Mideo Cruz's Politeismo Art Exhibit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). They call it “blasphemy”, “sacrilege” and so on. Catholic groups are even considering filing charges the artist and the CCP to “stop (sic) the exhibit in 48 hours or face the legal consequences.” With all this negative implication, is this really art or just a circus act?

'Politeismo' as they call it, pertains to religion and art; but not your mild-faced-saints-in-a-robe or your Christ-in-the-Holy-Cross. With its inclusion of elements such as Mickey Mouse, Fernando Poe, Jr, Imelda Marcos, Obama, the artists is aware of its danger. But I  think this is what he want. Attention. Like any other artist, he wants to be heard.

I salute Cruz with his courageous act of iconic distortion or let me call it artistic interpretation of the image of our nation. An artist is an artist. What he sees is art. What he sees is his reality. It is up to us to interpret it, whether we like it or not. Besides the exhibit was held on an art museum and not on a public place. Not in the church.

an anodyne makes you feel good
Quick Tip:
Enrypting your PHP files is good to secure your source code on the otherhand the system gets slow. Why? Because the encrypted script is getting decrpypted everytime you make a HTTP Request, making the response slower than the usual. This is very crucial when using AJAX in jquery. If it happens you declared a timeout value increase it or might as well remove it. Having a pretty small value of timeout will cause you an infinite loop, because the script is assuming the server is taking too long to respond and will request for another AJAX response over and over again.

The cool thing about Stumble is the surprise in every click.You'll find yourself laughing to hilarious pictures you can discover. With the advent of technology plus a bunch of genius comedian over the Internet life could be more meaningful.

I found this cool picture that really made me smile. I wonder who invented this game.Next time you play a game, please make sure that it will be fair for everyone. Don't make them feel busted.:)

I can really say that "Life is a box of chocolate." It's a good way of killing time without having accused for homicide.

Chrome Dimension Level 3
Hit the Chrome bomb!

There will always be surprises!

Angry Birds' latest version on its web-based Chrome Application has included a special level called "Chrome Dimension." A fascinating world of of the howling flock that you will love!

This is only a beta release of the game, and so far we have 63 levels of the original game available, with an additional 7 special Chrome levels! We are working on bringing more levels to Chrome, and planning on making the Mighty Eagle available as an in-app purchase option.
-Angry Birds' Blog

To unlock the "Chrome Dimension" , you should hit the "Chrome bombs" located on different levels of the original game. Then once you hit the bomb the Chrome level will be unlocked. In this case, one bomb corresponds to one level only. So you need to hit all the bombs from different levels in order to unlock all special Chrome levels. I have included below some screenshots of the game. Good luck!

Birds! Slingshots! Destruction! Feathers! Fun!
From your smart phone to your tablets, and now on the web. Gaming has never been this cool! Angry Birds has conquered a new platform and has reached to the next level.Continue your combat between the mighty birds and the green pigs available at Chrome Web Store for FREE!

SQUAWK! Angry Birds is now available on the web for the first time ever, on the Chrome Web Store! Point your Chrome browser to the link below, and check out the game in glorious high definition!

-Angry Birds Facebook Fan Page

The Official Angry Birds Facebook Fan Page announced yesterday that it's ready for action!  Keeping to their promise to deliver the game on the web within the month of May. The beta version has finally arrived, built in WebGL, targeting Google Chrome browsers. A compelling 60fps  is promised on most modern PCs. You can choose from SD and HD  version to match your computer's performance.Offline gaming is also available.

To make you want it more, special levels are included on this latest version. Chrome will get some exclusive content, such as "Chrome bombs" and other cutesy bits. (Now I see why they changed their logo from metallic to simple clip art :) ). I'm still playing the first part of the game and have not yet come across to this "Chrome Dimension". I'm looking forward to the surprises I can get from this. I'll be updating you and be a spoiler as soon as I reached to this level. For those who are impatient, you have to play, play, PLAY!
I wasn't able to post for a month or two. I was busy with a lot of things like working on a grading system for some schools in Manila and Mindoro in the future. Anyways, might be updating this once in while or should I say once in a blue moon since my life is pretty much occupied right now, not to mention the on-going development of my friend's thesis. I like that, actually. Thanks to my high school, internet and real life friend who helps me earn some extract money. Way to go, friend.