the boy with the broken stomach

As a Filipino our day will not be complete without rice. Whether it's plain, fried, bahaw or halomanis, we eat it. Pondering with each spoonful, plus our favorite SILOG meal, everything's perfect. So What better way to start the morning than to spend it at McDonald's. Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we should not compromise ourselves. Hot fried rice, pouched egg, sweet longganisa and Arabic coffee is not that bad to fill the hungry tummy. Complete with basic nutritional benefits, these will surely give energy for the entire day. And I'm talking like I'm nutritionist expert.

It's been like a month when McDonald's introduced their McCafé. Focusing on tasteful coffee brews brought an extra posh and attracted a wider market. Other McDonald's store offer mocha and cappuccino, which I am planning to try. You can enjoy the delicious Arabic coffee for only 25 pesos. But then I was surprised that they are no longer offering unlimited coffee. You have to 15 pesos for every refill. Nevertheless I liked the innovations McDonald's did. Go ahead and take a sip of this wonderful brew with amazingly affordable price. I was thinking, will they offer kapeng barako too?

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