the boy with the broken stomach

Just this moment, early morning, I checked my twitter account. I was welcomed by this message:

"Share an image on Twitter"

I was surprised and awed. But I wondered why did they put this feature now? What will happen to the famous third party photo sharing for Twitter like yfrog and Twitpic? Are they any repercussion for this move? What else can I do here? Has anyone blogged this yet?

I tried to upload a "tweemage", or whatever you want to call it. And as you can see it here, it's powered by Photobucket, another photo sharing website. I have no idea about this partnership, so I have to read about it.

After reading a post, I found out that so called deal was made for a big comeback of Photobucket after it has been sold off due to ,  "... well-publicized DNS attacks and reported failures in corporate integration." Photobucket assures that they can accommodate and scale to the Twitter's users base having 10 million users and 8 billion uploads. I wondered how can they handle 1 million tweets per minute.

The web being more socially interactive and big companies teaming up, I won't be surprised if Twitter and Facebook would team up later in the future to battle Google +. Or I am wrong.

Google +