the boy with the broken stomach
Facebook has done so much to our lives. We get reunited to long lost friends, relatives (and even pets). Moreover, we get to share the our thoughts and feelings no way better than videos. Even if it's an original video or copied on Youtube, the reason we share it, is for our friends to experience the thrill we get watching it.

One thing I liked about waking up early in the morning is when you get so much notification after you've posted something shocking on Facebook. People will always get curious on things they thought would be good but after a while they'll think it's GREAT! Then they share it to other friends and goes viral until it reaches some point of saturation and gets bored. Now, the question is, why am I saying this? I really don't know; but if your curious enough, try to watch the video above. I think  it'll be fun and a good way to start the day, unearthing your  sleepy nerves. Good morning everyone!

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