the boy with the broken stomach
It’s been like a couple of days that we became so busy at work. We’re on the phase of the development where bugs are crawling out of the system and deadlines are coming. There was a point where we had three consecutive stressful days that we have to go from one client to the other, and it was no joke.

After that week we decided to go to the spa to unwind, located at Calamba, Laguna; beside Padis Point I was thrilled to have my first spa experience. And so we came to the place, checked in and unloaded our things. First thing to do was to shower, then sauna after. This room is hot enough to make you sweat and had this small hour glass to track time (so you don’t get cooked for staying too long). Next stop was the foot spa. You get to soak your feet on the solution as you wait for your masseuse. And when they arrived, they’ll start massaging your forehead then your back, arms and lastly your feet. They’ll rub this aromatic oil. Well I don’t know if this is to prevent them from smelling an athlete’s foot, if ever.

I thought it was over; but it was not. We went to a room where you’ll see a bed with a hole. I think this is where you put your head (and drool on it) when the massage session starts. After a couple of minutes the masseuse came, and the full-body-relaxation-and-circus-act session started. There were parts of the routine where you’ll be lifted. Your back supported by the masseuse’s feet and rocked like baby. I can’t help but smile when I remember we’re doing these. And hell yeah, this was like a gymnastics class. Anyway the experience was great. I think I’ll have to do it again. One more thing, I was glad I didn't drool on the hole.

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