the boy with the broken stomach
Blow jout!

Finally the results came out. After the hardships, sleepless nights, head banging reviews and nerve tingling moments, it all paid off.   Congratulations to all my friends who passed the Nursing Board Exam!  I salute the new registered nurses for passing the board. May this inspire you more to give your lawful service to the dying and needy, especially to the poor. I shall be forever being grateful for any friendly discounts if ever I get sick and be confined to any hospital you are in duty.  If you were able to remember tons of medical terms, I hope you’re not forgetting something.

Every accomplishment and achievement needs to be recognized and celebrated. And what better way to thank the people who were always there cheering you, giving you all their support, than to have something all of us is waiting for. Whether it’s a small accomplishment or a big thing like passing aboard, Filipinos will always tend have a blowout. It’s our way of thanksgiving.
So what are you waiting for New Registered Nurses of the Republic of the Philippines?
Ilabas na ang inyong natatagong galling at yaman. Mahaba-habang inuman na yan. Blow jout naman kayo. Blow jout! Blow jout!

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