the boy with the broken stomach
"A picture is worth a thousand words but a photoshopped one is worth a  thousand lies."

Taking pictures in a snap is easy but aligning it is another story. If you're like me who has shaky hands this is gonna be mission impossible. Could you not just ruin that nice sunset on the horizon with your bad angle? Luckily our favorite photo sharing app Instagram has the answer. You can now take those perfect moments with perfect precision.

Recently Instagram announced an photo straightening feature, as well as some adjustments on video settings. Today I was able to update my phone (Yeah! My phone as in MyPhone) and was amazed on how you can easily fix those misaligned shots. To test if it really works I decided to take a photo of the mug on top of the table and  intentionally tilted it so I can check how robust it is.The app did its trick like magic and it was outstanding.

With just a  clicks you can make your crooked photo aligned. You can located the align button on the top just before the green button (if you're using an Android device). When you hit the button, the photo will be automagically aligned and will be given an option to adjust it by making a pinch gesture or rotate it 90°. Underneath is a meter indicating the inclination, which you can adjust also by swiping left or right. Once you're done hit the check button on the top left and do your usual stuff.

  • Take a photo.

  • Hit the align button.

  • See it work.
With Instagram's new feature it makes it more convenient for users to take wonderful photos with some professional touch but I wonder if it can straighten those duck-face-selfies as well. Update yours now and enjoy taking photos more. Follow me too @daveilarroyo!

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