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Google Plus, the latest product of Google though in a limited trial period currently, has attracted so much attention over the internet. The social networking site promises a more relevant interaction among its users and has benefited from the strong points offered by famous social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook. This can be considered the ultimate hybrid of those two sites, not to mention the plethora of Google products gluing together.

As Google Plus strives to compete with Facebook, games were rolled out last week. Taking into advantage the new tab dedicated to gaming activity of users. Unlike in Facebook were you see all stories published by game apps on the news feeds, Google Plus placed a tab were you can see other user's activity separated from the main stream. This eliminates annoyance to other users who doesn't want to see whether beat the mafia or harvested your berries.

By fine tuning the updates presented to users can definitely improve the experience especially in terms of entertainment and player interaction. Users can easily switch from the game's tab if they wanted to check things going on their game buddies.

Everyone is excited for the launch of Google Plus API in the public. If this will be available anytime sooner we can all enjoy the rich environment Google Plus has to offer. Is this really the end for Facebook? I was just thiking, can we migrate our game data from Facebook to Google Plus so we don't start all over again. I wish I'll be answered soon.

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