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Birds! Slingshots! Destruction! Feathers! Fun!
From your smart phone to your tablets, and now on the web. Gaming has never been this cool! Angry Birds has conquered a new platform and has reached to the next level.Continue your combat between the mighty birds and the green pigs available at Chrome Web Store for FREE!

SQUAWK! Angry Birds is now available on the web for the first time ever, on the Chrome Web Store! Point your Chrome browser to the link below, and check out the game in glorious high definition!

-Angry Birds Facebook Fan Page

The Official Angry Birds Facebook Fan Page announced yesterday that it's ready for action!  Keeping to their promise to deliver the game on the web within the month of May. The beta version has finally arrived, built in WebGL, targeting Google Chrome browsers. A compelling 60fps  is promised on most modern PCs. You can choose from SD and HD  version to match your computer's performance.Offline gaming is also available.

To make you want it more, special levels are included on this latest version. Chrome will get some exclusive content, such as "Chrome bombs" and other cutesy bits. (Now I see why they changed their logo from metallic to simple clip art :) ). I'm still playing the first part of the game and have not yet come across to this "Chrome Dimension". I'm looking forward to the surprises I can get from this. I'll be updating you and be a spoiler as soon as I reached to this level. For those who are impatient, you have to play, play, PLAY!

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