the boy with the broken stomach

Just had a wonderful merienda at McDonald's earlier and tweeted.

After two consecutive overnights, I decided to reward myself with a nice meal. I was craving for a spaghetti and my all time favorite thirst quencher McFloat. This drink is commonly order because it is refreshing and has this towering sundae with chocolate syrup complementing the soda.

So I ordered the econo meal commonly known as McSavers. I was surprised when the crew handed me this big cup, they call "Monster Float". Being so stupid, I asked him if this was really my order. The crew explained to me and I was thrilled to know that this was part of the promo. Bigger servings for the same price. Isn't that a great deal?

I was so happy and enjoyed the steaming pasta, juicy patty and the towering Monster Float for only 93 pesos. This is far better than Jollibee's N2 that includes spaghetti, burger and a small soda which costs for about 82 pesos last time I ate.

I have nothing against Jollibee. They introduced this soda float that tastes like medicine and chicken burger that I have not yet tried. I just can't take that they are trying so hard to be like McDonalds.  Could they just think of something else?

So next time you eat on a fast food chain, make sure you use your money wisely and feed your hungry tummy with those delicious treats with out paying extra.

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