the boy with the broken stomach

Jingle ber jingle ber jingle all the way...
Does it ring a ber?

Today's the first day of September and as a Filipino trademark the Christmas season has started by the so called ber months. They say that we have the longest celebration of Christmas in the world. From the September to December up to the first few weeks of January the next year.

Well, we all know it's a bit early and definitely long but this is how Christmas in the Philippines is. It doesn't only reflect our religious and rich culture but also our love for celebrations. We might not have the famous winter wonderland but we have our own warmth for this occasion.

This is the most awaited time of the year, where families bond and friend reunite to cherish the merriest holiday. Not to mention the delicious delicacies like puto bungbong and bibingka that blends with the aroma and stream from the banana leaves wrappings. You should really try this, because the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can usually buy this outside the church after attending the simbang gabi.

Most of the attendees are people who have wishes and believe that it will be granted if they completed the nine masses. While others are lovers who thought that this is a good place to have their public display of affection(the nerves).

Christmas in the Philippines won't be complete without them and I'm sure that our fellow filipinos abroad is missing this. Specially the ninongs and ninangs who are hiding from their inaanak (like me). So what are you waiting for? Pull those old parol and dusty decors and start bringing the spirit of Christmas into your home. Santa might just visit you earlier this year.

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