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Share what you really want to share. Take control.

The way we share things on Facebook will be much more controlled as they are implementing the concept similar to Google Plus. Mimicking this feature is not that bad, if there are no unlawful implications. It’s like a whole new experience, as if it’s Facebook +.

When we update our status, post a story, tag a photo or added a friend in Facebook, all of our friends see it. Do we really want that? Sometimes, we do want to share something for a specific group of friends. This would be possible for the next few days, as changes will be rolling out and enjoy Facebook more as announced in their blog posts yesterday. It is definitely a PLUS!

Tagging on post will now not be limited to your friends but anyone on Facebook. Isn’t that great? By doing this, "creates an instant link to the person’s profile and may share your post with their friends". You can also tag locations to anything like status update, photo or Wall posts.

With this new mechanics coming soon, I presume “Everyone” is excited or I might say the “Public” is excited. Facebook also did change the word “Everyone” to “Public”, on the sharing drop down menu, to correct the use of proper language. As they say “anyone can see it but not everyone will see it”. I am look forward on these changes and I pity those who deleted their Facebook account thinking Google Plus will take over the social network.

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