the boy with the broken stomach
So you can bet that mornings are better than ever only at McDonalds.

After a long night of combating to those nerve cracking programming session I decided to have my breakfast at McDonalds here at Balayan, our simple town far from the hassle and stress of work. I am enjoying the last few days of my vacation and looking for an extension.

It’s a nice way to start your day ahead with the delicious breakfast; but nothing luxurious, just a neat day starter meal. Fluffy hot cakes melting those premium anchor butter plus the syrup drippings and a cup of steaming Arabic coffee. What else could you asked for? Not to mention the free WiFi to keep you connected while enjoying your simple sanctuary.

Simple things like this always make me enjoy my day more. You get to see different people. Business partners having a coffee meeting, an early bird students, a mom from jogging, an old lady from an morning mass and a droopy programmer from an overnight. You also get to enjoy the wonderful playlist prepared by the invisible McDonald Dj. Happy morning everyone!

A truck hits a jeepney shattering the lighter vehicle. Glasses and pieces of metal was all over the highway. There were no casualties (or might have, no one knows).

I just arrived from Manila after having a late dinner, and an early celebration for my birthday. We arrived at my dorm around 10:30 pm and was waiting for my landlord to open the gate. While I was waiting, suddenly a truck came speeding hitting a jeepney. Good thing we were in the sidewalk and luckily wasn't affected by the collision. The incident was so swift that in mere seconds both of the vehicles were away. Quick enough before the entire neighborhood came out of their houses to make tsimis. 
All happened so fast. We are like few meters from the spot.Thanked God we weren't any closer to the highway and arrived much earlier or we could have made a bigger disaster. God is great! Thank you for keeping me alive for my birthday.

What a beautiful morning!

I dreamed I was in a swimming pool, enjoying the sun and the cool water splash. The experience was like heaven until I woke up. Shoot! The ceiling’s dripping and the floor's wet. It was the true definition of wet and wild.

Have you ever tried waking up in early in the morning surprised on what just happened around you? Having a wet floor was no good. I have to clean it and put some newspapers so it’ll dry quickly. My room looks like I’m doing an art project. Some of my clothes were wet too. And if this is my birthday gift from the skies, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

It was raining all day yesterday and there was no electricity and unluckily, NO INTERNET. Just as I suspected things will go like this. It was boredom to death that all the things I suggested on my blog post made no difference. The entire day was like a day a Forks or Narnia. It was so cold, so damp, so terrifying. I thought our roof would be ripping off anytime sooner due to the strong winds. The only thing you can do is pray that tomorrow’s another day. Having said that, do you still like surprises?

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! It's Raining Men! Amen!

This week won’t be a good week here in the Philippines. There’s a storm signal in most parts of Luzon. Expect things will go worst like no electricity and hopefully not, NO INTERNET. But because you can read this post may I take this advantage to help you in the midst of crisis.

When it’s raining, it’s hard to stand up in your bed. Especially if the classes are suspended or your boss decided call it a day off, due to a bad weather. It is most likely that you are left in your house doing nothing (more or less just sleeping) and making yourself believe this is the best thing to do. To tell you the truth there are a lot of things you can do when it’s raining. Spend some time looking around you. Well to make yourself productive why not try to cook something, clean your room, read a book or wash your clothes. The possibilities are unlimited. This time would be perfect to do these things specially its cold and you don’t get so sweaty doing those. Take time and you’ll never get bored (or horny) again.

What happened...? Wheres the...? What the f...?

One morning when I opened my Facebook account I was shocked. Everything was changed like it's not the same old friend anymore. I don’t know if this is just because they’re just being pressured by the competition against Google Plus or they just want to make our head spin.  Facebook is updating so often as if they are changing underwear. And what else do you expect; most of the user’s are complaining. The shift was so drastic that even my mom had a hard time logging out. If they are thinking they’re doing a good job, well Mr. Zuck you are doing the opposite. Not only are you making your users mad, you’re just giving Google Plus the opportunity to take over the public.

After reading an article from a blog site I realized Facebook is planning something evil. Launching the Open Graph Beta that enables developers to create custom actions to act on objects inside the social graph is a sure win to marketing. Imagine if everything you do, get published over the network like watched a movie, bake a pie or listen to a song. Do we really need this? It’s not real time serendipity but invasion of privacy. Sometimes being useful is far relevant than being clever.

It’s like less than twenty-four hours since Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the latest updates on Facebook, booming the internet with the introduction of Timeline. It’s a whole new experience that enables rich representation of user identity over the social graph. With its clever design of a real timeline is definitely a thumb up. You can see all the things that happened in your life over the internet, as if you’re reading a history book. You can put some stories about your childhood memories way back. But since there’s no Facebook yet during 1990’s you can navigate to a desired year, (like a time machine) and add events in your life you wish to document.
Another cool feature is the “Cover”, a wide open space to put an image that represents you best. You can now put your favorite picture without having to use the old profile banner. Also the new profile has this status update’s categories that you can choose to best fit your life events. It includes Work and Education, Family and Relationship, Living, Health and Wellness, Milestone and Experiences. With this kind of functionality sharing would be more descriptive and relevant. You get to share things that happened in your life effortlessly.

Unfortunately to be able to see this feature, you need to take several steps to get this feature installed on your profile. You can see how it's done here. One more thing, once you try this there's no turning back, so update on your own risk. Bugs are expected. If you really want it, then get awed with this new feature and enjoy the benefit of competition. Build memories. Share a ton

Pinoy Short Orders

"Malamig ang simoy ng hangin Kay saya ng bawat damdamin"

And we are ninety-five days nearer to Christmas. Time pass so quickly and I hardly noticed its Christmas again. It’s the merriest time of the year where people celebrate the birth of Jesus. Not to mention the little kids excitedly waiting for Santa Claus.  Have you been naughty or nice?

Christmas is a time of joy and love. The house gets decorated by lights lantern and everything shinny and velvety as a sign of welcoming the season. I could still remember when I was in high school we always decorate our rooms with those metallic garland you usually see in the market here in Philippines. Students would sometimes bring a parol (Christmas lantern) for an extra grade. When I was in grade 5 we did a sewing project that looks like a poinsettia. One of my classmates told me mine looks like a rag. I pitied myself and almost cried but was surprised to see my work placed on the principal office while theirs on the janitor’s. And up to know my project still looks good and we've been using it every year.

Christmas brings me a lot of childhood memories. Unlike other kids, I have never enjoyed getting aguinaldo for most of my godparents. Most of them could not be reached and are out of coverage area. It’s a struggle of the child to see his long lost ninong and ninang, just to give them a hug (or more). What are the things you're looking forward this Christmas? Or are just hiding from your mga inaanak?


It was more than laughter but a cackle, a crispy sound echoing inside the movie house. It was the true definition of Ultimate Laugh Out Loud, and I tell “mukha talaga akong ULOL sa sinehan.” I was laughing so loud that after do so I realized I was the only person doing that (in that kind of volume), while watching Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington. 

The story is about a boy named Remington, played by Martin Escudero, who was cursed to be gay when he grows after insensitively teasing a gay man when he was a kid. He starts to experience these spine-tingling transformations every time she wakes up after being attack by an aphro-looking-monster-like entity. Not to mention being able talk in gay lingo, also known as bekinese (accompanied by a subtitle) plus #allthehahainside. Also shown in this movie, men's morning sickness. Bonner Scene.

“Hindi ko naman naiintindihan, pero ang sarap sa tenga. Gorah na akech!”

Being a widow in a rollerblades was so hideous for Eugene Domingo, like she can’t act any better. I was hoping to see more of her and was disappointed for giving her only few lines. It could have been better if she was given an ample exposure. She could play as the sidekick of Janice De Belen, and not the not-so-know-semi-bald lady in the movie (I wish not to google her). But all in all I enjoyed the movie, especially the stupid looking gaydar gun.

 Happy coding!

Just this morning, after taking my scrumptious breakfast at the  McDonald's Tanauan, I was surprised on what I saw on my  Facebook news feed. My online friend posted good news. Today Google + is launching their public API for developers who wanted to delved on the platform. And I wasn't disappointed that they also gave me an email notification telling me the same news. Isn't that cool?

The API would focused first on public data shared by people publicly on the site. The mechanics of authorization of  the app for user's installation is similar to Facebook and Twitter. Users running the app for first time will under go the new OAuth2  scope to ask who they are, as discussed on their blog post. Also, the special "me" identifier, when accessing the current user's data, might have been influence from Facebook's Platform bearing the same reserved word.

Today, I think, will definitely be the start on the raging fight between Facebook and Google Plus. By far this is the most compelling internet-warlord-battle of the decade. The Facebook platform, which gave me headaches when I was doing my thesis, versus Google Plus platform, which I am so much excited to learn. And since this is new, expect for the worst case scenario of  frequent adjustment and bugs. Be prepared for the melt down!

Life couldn’t be better than this. I’m celebrating my twenty-first birthday on September 29. I am not getting any younger but a year older; but still I don’t want to believe I’m no longer a teenager. Stupid. Like what, it’s been a year after my Twenteen birthday (still in denial). Isn’t that ridiculous?

Life is like cereals. You put milk on it. You eat it. That’s it. A dim-witted-made-up-quote but true. Sometimes we shouldn’t ask for things, we’ll get it if it’s really ours. When I was a little boy, I used to tell myself I want to get older fast so I get taller. But to my disappointment I got old but not tall. No so long ago, I wanted to graduate college so I can earn and be able to stand on my own. But to my surprise, it’s not that easy to be independent (when they started depending on you).

Living in this world two decades and a year, I found out a lot of things, made mistakes, learned so many lessons and realized that we should not rush life; because there’s a way better future ahead. Look forward and grab it like it’s the only cereal box left in the shelf.


Poppin bottles on the ice, like a blizzard. When we drink, we do it right getting slizzard. Sippin sizzurp in my ride, in my ride, like three six. Now I’m feelin’ so fly like a C-6. Like a C-6, Like a C-6. Now now now now now now I’m feelin’ so fly like a C-6. [Like a G-6]

Bulacan-Rizal-Manila-Cavite Regional Expressway Circumferential Road 6, that’s what they call it; but to me it’s like a portal to another dimension, a bountiful escapade or you can also call it “the road less travelled by.” C-6 serves act as "a beltway of Metro Manila, so that buses and other transportation vehicles coming from the southern provinces to the northern provinces (and vice versa)". It saves you time without diving into the tedious traffic of Metro Manila, not to mention hassle of the ever road rehabilitation along the way.

To get to C-6 from SLEX, take the Bicutan Exit. You will pass through Camp Bagong Diwa and going straight (because you’re in the Philippines) you will see a “C-6-Road-Rehabiliation” tarpaulin, by then you are sure you’re taking the right direction. As you traverse the lane along Laguna De Bay, you can see the city from a far. On the side you will see fish fences, wondering ducks and home-along-the-river surroundings. Then you’ll start asking yourself, is this really a superhighway?

When you get lost, you can always find the ever helpful town’s people and asks for directions or Google for it before you start your “quest” to an unfamiliar land where you bound to battle with dragons, pass through dudgeons and meet elves to save the princess. #allthehahainside

A couple of days ago I had another close experience to the so called Badyao. They are... I don’t know to describe them. Native? Beggar? Street children? Orphan? I don't really know what the right term is.

These guys are those who get inside the jeepney making their act like a drama or drumming. But most of the time they just beg for money without excreting an effort.There are some who have planned their charade well. They'll give a piece of paper or envelope with an untidy scribble saying “Mam sir maaawa na po kayo sa Badyao,” knowing that they can’t even speak Tagalog. I even took a picture of it.I guess they got this idea from the so called “Bus-Stop Missionaries”. Missionaries from a religious group we don’t really know.

Do we really have to have pity for the Badyaos (or the bus-stop missionaries)? Is it really our fault that they have this kind of life? Why on earth would I give alms to a Badyao, when in the first place they could have worked to earn it?

In our town at Balayan, Badyao is also common;but don’t you put a bad eye on them. There are those male Badyao who is selling jewelries, mostly pearl ,and mind you these are real pearls. Well of course it would be hard for us to trust this kind of people selling these kind of accessories (in a very low price); but they would simply say “Ma’am, ang mga Badyao po ay hindi sinungaling.” This made me awed, and it is safe to say that these pearls are authentic. I could still remember one of my classmate’s mom, who has a good taste, bought one of those for only 200 pesos.

If only all badyao would be like the pearl sellers of Balayan, they could be the next Hans Brumann, and our streets will be free from wondering beggars. Sulong Pilipinas!