the boy with the broken stomach
What a beautiful morning!

I dreamed I was in a swimming pool, enjoying the sun and the cool water splash. The experience was like heaven until I woke up. Shoot! The ceiling’s dripping and the floor's wet. It was the true definition of wet and wild.

Have you ever tried waking up in early in the morning surprised on what just happened around you? Having a wet floor was no good. I have to clean it and put some newspapers so it’ll dry quickly. My room looks like I’m doing an art project. Some of my clothes were wet too. And if this is my birthday gift from the skies, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

It was raining all day yesterday and there was no electricity and unluckily, NO INTERNET. Just as I suspected things will go like this. It was boredom to death that all the things I suggested on my blog post made no difference. The entire day was like a day a Forks or Narnia. It was so cold, so damp, so terrifying. I thought our roof would be ripping off anytime sooner due to the strong winds. The only thing you can do is pray that tomorrow’s another day. Having said that, do you still like surprises?

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