the boy with the broken stomach
So you can bet that mornings are better than ever only at McDonalds.

After a long night of combating to those nerve cracking programming session I decided to have my breakfast at McDonalds here at Balayan, our simple town far from the hassle and stress of work. I am enjoying the last few days of my vacation and looking for an extension.

It’s a nice way to start your day ahead with the delicious breakfast; but nothing luxurious, just a neat day starter meal. Fluffy hot cakes melting those premium anchor butter plus the syrup drippings and a cup of steaming Arabic coffee. What else could you asked for? Not to mention the free WiFi to keep you connected while enjoying your simple sanctuary.

Simple things like this always make me enjoy my day more. You get to see different people. Business partners having a coffee meeting, an early bird students, a mom from jogging, an old lady from an morning mass and a droopy programmer from an overnight. You also get to enjoy the wonderful playlist prepared by the invisible McDonald Dj. Happy morning everyone!

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