the boy with the broken stomach

It was more than laughter but a cackle, a crispy sound echoing inside the movie house. It was the true definition of Ultimate Laugh Out Loud, and I tell “mukha talaga akong ULOL sa sinehan.” I was laughing so loud that after do so I realized I was the only person doing that (in that kind of volume), while watching Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington. 

The story is about a boy named Remington, played by Martin Escudero, who was cursed to be gay when he grows after insensitively teasing a gay man when he was a kid. He starts to experience these spine-tingling transformations every time she wakes up after being attack by an aphro-looking-monster-like entity. Not to mention being able talk in gay lingo, also known as bekinese (accompanied by a subtitle) plus #allthehahainside. Also shown in this movie, men's morning sickness. Bonner Scene.

“Hindi ko naman naiintindihan, pero ang sarap sa tenga. Gorah na akech!”

Being a widow in a rollerblades was so hideous for Eugene Domingo, like she can’t act any better. I was hoping to see more of her and was disappointed for giving her only few lines. It could have been better if she was given an ample exposure. She could play as the sidekick of Janice De Belen, and not the not-so-know-semi-bald lady in the movie (I wish not to google her). But all in all I enjoyed the movie, especially the stupid looking gaydar gun.

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