the boy with the broken stomach
A truck hits a jeepney shattering the lighter vehicle. Glasses and pieces of metal was all over the highway. There were no casualties (or might have, no one knows).

I just arrived from Manila after having a late dinner, and an early celebration for my birthday. We arrived at my dorm around 10:30 pm and was waiting for my landlord to open the gate. While I was waiting, suddenly a truck came speeding hitting a jeepney. Good thing we were in the sidewalk and luckily wasn't affected by the collision. The incident was so swift that in mere seconds both of the vehicles were away. Quick enough before the entire neighborhood came out of their houses to make tsimis. 
All happened so fast. We are like few meters from the spot.Thanked God we weren't any closer to the highway and arrived much earlier or we could have made a bigger disaster. God is great! Thank you for keeping me alive for my birthday.

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