the boy with the broken stomach

What happened...? Wheres the...? What the f...?

One morning when I opened my Facebook account I was shocked. Everything was changed like it's not the same old friend anymore. I don’t know if this is just because they’re just being pressured by the competition against Google Plus or they just want to make our head spin.  Facebook is updating so often as if they are changing underwear. And what else do you expect; most of the user’s are complaining. The shift was so drastic that even my mom had a hard time logging out. If they are thinking they’re doing a good job, well Mr. Zuck you are doing the opposite. Not only are you making your users mad, you’re just giving Google Plus the opportunity to take over the public.

After reading an article from a blog site I realized Facebook is planning something evil. Launching the Open Graph Beta that enables developers to create custom actions to act on objects inside the social graph is a sure win to marketing. Imagine if everything you do, get published over the network like watched a movie, bake a pie or listen to a song. Do we really need this? It’s not real time serendipity but invasion of privacy. Sometimes being useful is far relevant than being clever.

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