the boy with the broken stomach

 Happy coding!

Just this morning, after taking my scrumptious breakfast at the  McDonald's Tanauan, I was surprised on what I saw on my  Facebook news feed. My online friend posted good news. Today Google + is launching their public API for developers who wanted to delved on the platform. And I wasn't disappointed that they also gave me an email notification telling me the same news. Isn't that cool?

The API would focused first on public data shared by people publicly on the site. The mechanics of authorization of  the app for user's installation is similar to Facebook and Twitter. Users running the app for first time will under go the new OAuth2  scope to ask who they are, as discussed on their blog post. Also, the special "me" identifier, when accessing the current user's data, might have been influence from Facebook's Platform bearing the same reserved word.

Today, I think, will definitely be the start on the raging fight between Facebook and Google Plus. By far this is the most compelling internet-warlord-battle of the decade. The Facebook platform, which gave me headaches when I was doing my thesis, versus Google Plus platform, which I am so much excited to learn. And since this is new, expect for the worst case scenario of  frequent adjustment and bugs. Be prepared for the melt down!

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