the boy with the broken stomach
It’s like less than twenty-four hours since Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the latest updates on Facebook, booming the internet with the introduction of Timeline. It’s a whole new experience that enables rich representation of user identity over the social graph. With its clever design of a real timeline is definitely a thumb up. You can see all the things that happened in your life over the internet, as if you’re reading a history book. You can put some stories about your childhood memories way back. But since there’s no Facebook yet during 1990’s you can navigate to a desired year, (like a time machine) and add events in your life you wish to document.
Another cool feature is the “Cover”, a wide open space to put an image that represents you best. You can now put your favorite picture without having to use the old profile banner. Also the new profile has this status update’s categories that you can choose to best fit your life events. It includes Work and Education, Family and Relationship, Living, Health and Wellness, Milestone and Experiences. With this kind of functionality sharing would be more descriptive and relevant. You get to share things that happened in your life effortlessly.

Unfortunately to be able to see this feature, you need to take several steps to get this feature installed on your profile. You can see how it's done here. One more thing, once you try this there's no turning back, so update on your own risk. Bugs are expected. If you really want it, then get awed with this new feature and enjoy the benefit of competition. Build memories. Share a ton

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