the boy with the broken stomach
Krabby Patty?
“I love burgers, just as much as I love other foods!” 

100% Beef and a helping of cheese. Simple, quality ingredients only bettered by adding like onion, pickles, tomato ketchup and mustard in a sesame seed bun.

No it’s not Krabby Patty! It’s mighty simple Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a McDonald’s burger.
Quarter Pounder with Cheese
 & Monster Float

With a wide array of burgers McDonald’s is offering, from Burger Mcdo to Big Mac, I found this juicy and yummy tuck: Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Encased into a yellow colored carton box, unfolds this wonderful nourishment that you’d take by mistake, came from Bikini Bottom. The soft bun hugging tender patty, crunchy veggie and tasteful sauces is a perfect package. With such perfection, you’ll have a second thought if this is real. Good thing it is!

For only Php 135 you can enjoy this value meal, accompanied by soda and french fries; if you’re a Coke Float addict, you only need to add Php 18 to enjoy the towering Monster Float. All of these for an incredible low price of Php 153 only! Like Kris Aquino says: ‘You get more than you pay for. It’s sulit!’ So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing snack. Try it now!

“I laaabyuuuuuuuuu Piolo!”

Could KC Concepcion still say these words, after their confirmed break up from his oh-so-hot- alleged –gay boyfriend Piolo Pascual? Is this really the end of their fairytale love story?

I was not really a fan of either KC Concepcion or Piolo Pascual; my grandma has a crush on Papa P though. But to hear their break up, I felt sad (a little) for KC. She’s like this perfect sweet girl with a kind heart. How could he possibly break up with her?

Reading the transcript on PEP about Boy Abunda’s interview with KC gave me some insights. KC indirectly stated the true sexuality of Piolo. With her statement like: "May mga hinahanap ako na basic lang na hahanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, sa isang lalaki.” All is clear now. Piolo’s gay!

KC’s having a hard time now.She’s the average dreamer and a true escapist, always expecting a happy ending. Maybe she’s watching too many movies and I think she should grow up and stop pretending. It does not going to be a pathway full of roses leading to a sunset view. With the one you’ve dream of waits, because now it’s not like the movies at all. Woo… oh… Ohh…

"Bon appetit"

We all love food. There’s always an enough room in our hearts and ample space in our tummy for delicious delicacies. Whether is a fancy restaurant or a plain eatery we always have this craving for that one specific dish. And in my case I found my piece of heaven with Lumpiang Sariwa (fresh spring rolls) from a local eatery in my hometown for only Php 25.

I still have these vivid memories of my childhood. Those blue walls of that canteen inside the public market of Balayan, Batangas;the savory yet affordable dishes from the wooden menu hanging on the ceiling of Yolly Magundayao Canteen (YMC). The menu includes spaghetti, pancit palabok, iced tea, halo-halo, sandwiches and many more. It was like a fast food but not really fast. After you order, you’ll be given a number and wait for a few minutes for the food. Well it’s worth the wait when you finally get your order. You’ll dig in this bountiful meal like you’re eating food for the gods.

So what do I get from all of these flowery words? None. I just wanted to share to you this and help the local businesses in Balayan. May the new public market be open for the real “public”; because I have always been at doubt to my mom and her co-teacher’s jazz chant: “Yes we feel we’re free!”

“Let’s have a coffee friend!”

Coffee is like an energy drink to me; it makes me feel high. It gives me the outburst of thoughts to make a decent blog post. What are the effects of coffee to you?

A day could not be complete without a soothing cup of coffee (or in my case a mug of coffee). It’s a good way to warm up your tummy and awaken your senses. Sometimes I can make it up until lunch with just coffee. Coffee is like water to me.

There are a lot of types of coffee and several ways to prepare it. Some prefer the complex one but I like instant coffees. There are several coffees available and it’s really up to you to choose your own poison. I mean potion.

So how do you start a day with this nice blend of coffee? First, you pour the sachet’s contents into a cup. Add 150 cc of hot water. Stir well. And it’s ready to be served.

If you would ask me what’s in my cup, it’s the “More in 1 KOPIKO Brown Coffee”. You read it right; more in 1, because it has coffee mix plus brown sugar. Enjoy this oozing piece of heaven for only Php 6.00. Take a sip now!

“The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

My face was like a Halloween mask you can’t remove. Is it a curse from a wicked witch or just the consequence of heredity?

When I was in high school, I started suffering the side effects of puberty. I never had a chance to skip having pimples.

I tried several beauty products, regime and ritual, but none of them worked. I tried and tried but never succeed. But one day something happened. After college everything changed. It was like peaceful breeze after a holocaust. Slowly my faced improved like magic. It started to have this certain glow.

Now you’ll wonder what my secret is. All of this was made possible by Cd-R-King Lasher 10-LED Light.

  • Plug-and-Play USB Light for convenient and bright enviroment.
  • No external power supply needed when computer is on.
  • With 5” flexible neck for free angle positions.
  • Up to 50000 hours of usage designed with power saving.
  • Portable as to its durable featherweight construction

  • See amazing results. Fool your friends!

All of these for an incredible low price of Php 120.00 only, with one week free service warranty. Available in all Cd-R-King store near you. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now and take pictures. See amazing results. Fool your friends!

“Forever is just the beginning.”

The twilight fever is on again and it starts with a bang! Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I is now showing in almost every movie house you known; opening us again to the wonderful world of vampires, werewolves and eternal love.

The movie started opening on cinemas yesterday but I decided not to with the flow, to avoid the peak of twi-hard fans who wanted the see the movie on the first day. Second isn’t bad at all; not to mention the most endeared stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner that all twi-hard fans are drooling about.

I have read the four books and was still surprised every time I get to see each movie; especially this one. The wedding drama, the lovely bed scenes, the bloody delivery and the werewolves fight, are all well-crafted. Although there were inconsistencies, I loved variations. I would like to commend the wretch bed every time Edward and Bella make love. Also Bella drinking blood like a slurpee, which she tells “tastes good”. And the last scene where Bella heals and opens her crimson eyes, giving me a heart attack.

Whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob (or Team Building), I know you’re also excited to see this film so don’t dare miss it. Grab yourself a ticket and bite into the Twilight universe! See Bella Swan a.k.a “woman on top”, do her thingy and teach you how to dougie.

“Ma, si Leo Martinez!”

It’s November 1, late afternoon, I decided to go to my father’s grave and pay my respect; commemorate my relatives like the rest of the people inside the cemetery. During this day, the cemetery is like a carnival, well lit. You’ll see kids collecting the dripping of candle to make wax ball. People from different social standing are here.

It’s not every day you get to see Leo Martinez. I saw him live and alive. I’ve almost forgot that the Martinez’s lives in our beautiful town of Balayan, Batangas. I was star-strucked to see a celebrity inside the cemetery; to all the places I didn’t expected he would be there.

Like any other Filipino who would see a showbiz personality, the encounter would not be complete without a souvenir picture. But how is that possible, when Leo Martinez is from afar talking to somebody. It would be very difficult. Well thank you to my mom, she actually did the move. “Excuse sir, this is my son and he’s a fan of yours. Is it alright to take pictures with you?” just like that. We took pictures while my shoulder blades are underneath his warm armpit. Kilig to the bones.