the boy with the broken stomach
"Bon appetit"

We all love food. There’s always an enough room in our hearts and ample space in our tummy for delicious delicacies. Whether is a fancy restaurant or a plain eatery we always have this craving for that one specific dish. And in my case I found my piece of heaven with Lumpiang Sariwa (fresh spring rolls) from a local eatery in my hometown for only Php 25.

I still have these vivid memories of my childhood. Those blue walls of that canteen inside the public market of Balayan, Batangas;the savory yet affordable dishes from the wooden menu hanging on the ceiling of Yolly Magundayao Canteen (YMC). The menu includes spaghetti, pancit palabok, iced tea, halo-halo, sandwiches and many more. It was like a fast food but not really fast. After you order, you’ll be given a number and wait for a few minutes for the food. Well it’s worth the wait when you finally get your order. You’ll dig in this bountiful meal like you’re eating food for the gods.

So what do I get from all of these flowery words? None. I just wanted to share to you this and help the local businesses in Balayan. May the new public market be open for the real “public”; because I have always been at doubt to my mom and her co-teacher’s jazz chant: “Yes we feel we’re free!”

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