the boy with the broken stomach
“Let’s have a coffee friend!”

Coffee is like an energy drink to me; it makes me feel high. It gives me the outburst of thoughts to make a decent blog post. What are the effects of coffee to you?

A day could not be complete without a soothing cup of coffee (or in my case a mug of coffee). It’s a good way to warm up your tummy and awaken your senses. Sometimes I can make it up until lunch with just coffee. Coffee is like water to me.

There are a lot of types of coffee and several ways to prepare it. Some prefer the complex one but I like instant coffees. There are several coffees available and it’s really up to you to choose your own poison. I mean potion.

So how do you start a day with this nice blend of coffee? First, you pour the sachet’s contents into a cup. Add 150 cc of hot water. Stir well. And it’s ready to be served.

If you would ask me what’s in my cup, it’s the “More in 1 KOPIKO Brown Coffee”. You read it right; more in 1, because it has coffee mix plus brown sugar. Enjoy this oozing piece of heaven for only Php 6.00. Take a sip now!

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