the boy with the broken stomach

“Ma, si Leo Martinez!”

It’s November 1, late afternoon, I decided to go to my father’s grave and pay my respect; commemorate my relatives like the rest of the people inside the cemetery. During this day, the cemetery is like a carnival, well lit. You’ll see kids collecting the dripping of candle to make wax ball. People from different social standing are here.

It’s not every day you get to see Leo Martinez. I saw him live and alive. I’ve almost forgot that the Martinez’s lives in our beautiful town of Balayan, Batangas. I was star-strucked to see a celebrity inside the cemetery; to all the places I didn’t expected he would be there.

Like any other Filipino who would see a showbiz personality, the encounter would not be complete without a souvenir picture. But how is that possible, when Leo Martinez is from afar talking to somebody. It would be very difficult. Well thank you to my mom, she actually did the move. “Excuse sir, this is my son and he’s a fan of yours. Is it alright to take pictures with you?” just like that. We took pictures while my shoulder blades are underneath his warm armpit. Kilig to the bones.

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