the boy with the broken stomach
Krabby Patty?
“I love burgers, just as much as I love other foods!” 

100% Beef and a helping of cheese. Simple, quality ingredients only bettered by adding like onion, pickles, tomato ketchup and mustard in a sesame seed bun.

No it’s not Krabby Patty! It’s mighty simple Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a McDonald’s burger.
Quarter Pounder with Cheese
 & Monster Float

With a wide array of burgers McDonald’s is offering, from Burger Mcdo to Big Mac, I found this juicy and yummy tuck: Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Encased into a yellow colored carton box, unfolds this wonderful nourishment that you’d take by mistake, came from Bikini Bottom. The soft bun hugging tender patty, crunchy veggie and tasteful sauces is a perfect package. With such perfection, you’ll have a second thought if this is real. Good thing it is!

For only Php 135 you can enjoy this value meal, accompanied by soda and french fries; if you’re a Coke Float addict, you only need to add Php 18 to enjoy the towering Monster Float. All of these for an incredible low price of Php 153 only! Like Kris Aquino says: ‘You get more than you pay for. It’s sulit!’ So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing snack. Try it now!

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