the boy with the broken stomach

“I laaabyuuuuuuuuu Piolo!”

Could KC Concepcion still say these words, after their confirmed break up from his oh-so-hot- alleged –gay boyfriend Piolo Pascual? Is this really the end of their fairytale love story?

I was not really a fan of either KC Concepcion or Piolo Pascual; my grandma has a crush on Papa P though. But to hear their break up, I felt sad (a little) for KC. She’s like this perfect sweet girl with a kind heart. How could he possibly break up with her?

Reading the transcript on PEP about Boy Abunda’s interview with KC gave me some insights. KC indirectly stated the true sexuality of Piolo. With her statement like: "May mga hinahanap ako na basic lang na hahanapin ng isang babae sa isang boyfriend, sa isang lalaki.” All is clear now. Piolo’s gay!

KC’s having a hard time now.She’s the average dreamer and a true escapist, always expecting a happy ending. Maybe she’s watching too many movies and I think she should grow up and stop pretending. It does not going to be a pathway full of roses leading to a sunset view. With the one you’ve dream of waits, because now it’s not like the movies at all. Woo… oh… Ohh…

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