the boy with the broken stomach

"Let the Hunger Games begin!"

SANTO TOMAS, Batangas — Resto 101 where buffet meets budget. Find the ultimate menu of mouth watering dishes from soups, side dishes, main courses and desserts. How about a chocolate fountain?

Last night I was deliberately looking for a nice place where I can enjoy my Friday night. I opted not go to a bar again because everyone online already thought I'm alcoholic. Also I currently have an issue on money and weight loss. I needed to eat more and spend less, if that's even possible.

Resto 101 is the ultimate budget buffet restaurant with it's wide selection of dishes and classy theme. Find with it ease along Maharlika Highway opposite McDonald's, second floor above Metro Bank. Dig in with delectable delicacies as much as you can, for a fraction of price. Enjoy your unlimited merienda for only P99;  feast your lunch and dinner for only P199. It's perfect for family and friends for different occasions and events.

Delicious dishes all you can

I had a wonderful evening last night with  good ambiance and great food served. Definitely Resto 101 is a great restaurant that fits your money and your tummy, a deal you might not find anywhere else. Just make sure you are prepared before going to this place because you will be welcomed with a bundle of festivity!

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