the boy with the broken stomach
"Dan dan dan, Dalandan!"

Do you want to taste a green orange or build a snowman? Why does the new Nesfruta Dalandan Commercial sound like a theme song from a recent Disney film? Is it real?

I was puzzled about this "Dalandan Meme" and after doing some research I found out it was all about the new Nesfruta Dalandan TV commercial, starring Cheska Garcia-Kramer and her adorable Kendra. The scene starts on a lush green field with Cheska asking her daughter, "Do you want to taste a green orange?" Kendra as a little-innocent-adorable girl replied in amazement, "Green orange, for real?"  And then afterwards the product reveal, instantly turning into a musical-fun-filled hypnotic production number. You'll be singing along with it, "Dan dan dan Dalandan", for real!

Clearly this commercial shows one of the proven propaganda techniques called Repetition. As described on Wikipedia:

"This type of propaganda deals with a jingle or word that is repeated over and over again, thus getting it stuck in someones head, so they can buy the product. " 
One of the crucial element in this ad is the familiar tune at the beginning from the popular Disney film Frozen. If you are keen enough you can actually distinguish the same flow from the original. Anna calls Elsa where in this case Cheska calls Kendra. Your brain plays with you and then when you get the hang of it you will be hypnotized until  the end of the song and be singing the "Dan dan dan Dalandan!" really.

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