the boy with the broken stomach
"Bili na suki!"

TANAUAN, BATANGAS — The sun is bright and the day is great. It's a perfect time to go to the public market, a place of vibrant people and amazing goods. You can find anything you need here at the price you like.

When I got my job, I seldom go to the public market for two reasons: convenience and safety. I'm a paranoid person and I always get uncomfortable in public places where there are crowds with no security guards roving. But my impression changed when I went to my local public market again after a long time. It made me realize some interesting things:
  1. Bargain your price.

    Everything here is less expensive compared to a supermarket. Plus you can bargain for a price. You just have to have a thick face.
  2. Shopping's an adventure.

    Looking for an item on your grocery list is an adventure. If it's been awhile since you visited this place, it will look like a maze of random stalls and you don't know where things are. 
  3. Vendors are varied.

    Buying  between the first vendor or de tour to finding another seller just in case you can get a better deal . If you're lucky enough you might just create a good bond and become a suki.
  4. People are amazing.

    Surrounding you are different people from different walks of life. It will be most likely that you will come across some interesting people.

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