the boy with the broken stomach
Beat the summer heat! Just fun fun fun under the sun.

Yes, summer has already started. A lean-mean-feisty-weekend-getaway might be the best option to beat the ever scourging temperature, if it’s not global warming yet.

Real beauty is not easy to find. Where can you find an virgin-white-sand beach (even real virgins are hard to find these days) over the premises of Southern Tagalog ? In a land almost far far away called Brgy. Burot, Calatagan you’ll be lucky enough to see this wonder. Located on an almost impossible route, detoured by a complex labyrinth of mangroves you’ll find this beautiful beach. It’s a perfect sanctuary with pure white sand like baby powder, crystal clear bluish water with lovely small fishes and gooey jellyfishes. Not to mention the wide shoreline stretching to almost 10 hectares. No residence. No garbage floating. No distraction. Just the beach!

With all the good things I said about this amazing beach you’ll be surprised that you can enjoy this for an incredible low price of 60 pesos per head and 150 pesos for cottage rent. It’s a perfect get away for the family on a budget because your five-hundred pesos will go a long way. Push yourself to the limit and start the fun as soon as possible, because you can never tell how much ice will melt on the polar caps! So what are you waiting for, spend your splendid summer weekend at Brgy. Burot, Calatagan. Just the beach, and not the b*tch!

“ Mauumay ka sa sarap!”

It’s like the hottest craze this summer! Indulging every chocolate and ice cream lovers with generous ingredients, you’ll never go wrong with Selecta’s Magnum Ice Cream. With thick cracking chocolate, nothing else matters.

Almond & Chocolate Truffle
I’m always been fond of trying something new, whether it’s an ice cream or chocolate or even both, I want to try it myself and experience the thrill of discovery. Over the past few days I have notice on most social networks, people are posting this "popsicle ice cream", which drives my curiosity. Even my close friends are talking about this new product. So I decide to give it a try and was surprised that it costs 60 peos each at 7-Eleven. Though the price was a little bit off the budget for an average Filipino, it’s worth trying. With all the positive feedbacks and recommendations from friends, why wont you?

Nothing else matters, really.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so here goes the taste test. With all the will and determination I was able to finish not one but two ice cream both Magnum Almond and Magnum Chocolate Truffle. Magnum Almond is a vanilla flavored ice cream coated with chocolate and crunchy almonds that cackles inside my mouth. While Magnum Chocolate Truffle has this rich chocolaty truffle coating that not only pleases the eye but also satisfies the taste buds. (You might even drool after reading the last sentence.) All in all I like both but my voted goes to Magnum Chocolate Truffle. Satisfy your cravings and Try it for yourself! 

Luckily it's my turn
Great things happen, you just have to wait.

A moment is a fraction in time you single out as something special or perhaps a point bends you towards an entirely different direction. We'll all have our turning point in our lives and luckily it’s my turn.

Things changed after college, when I decided to work as a programmer on this budding software house that caters school management system. I found my work exciting; putting me into a position I’ve always wanted; uplifting me and realizing what I am capable of. I was able to visit different schools, talk to clients, train people, go to places offshore, attend executive meetings and be a part of something growing.

Being a part of something big tickles me
What inspires me to strive more is the idea of lessening the work load to teachers. I understand this much because my mother is a teacher too. Being a single parent and a widow not once but twice, not to mention her oh-so-terrifying-teaching aura, makes me admire her even more. She was able to raise us with all her might just to make sure we will have a good future. And now it’s payback time. I’m thankful that with my work I was able to help my family. I was able to put a water line in our house, gave my lola a mini refrigerator, replaced our washing machine, bought my mom a phone for her birthday, all of these and more are yet to come. 

Tito, Me, Lola, Mom and Lil' Bro

Simple things are your little steps towards greatness and it will always start @home. After all that has happened to me I realized that maybe God’s preparing something special for me. All you have to do is to wait in God’s time. With all the positive things happening in my life I know I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way!