the boy with the broken stomach
Beat the summer heat! Just fun fun fun under the sun.

Yes, summer has already started. A lean-mean-feisty-weekend-getaway might be the best option to beat the ever scourging temperature, if it’s not global warming yet.

Real beauty is not easy to find. Where can you find an virgin-white-sand beach (even real virgins are hard to find these days) over the premises of Southern Tagalog ? In a land almost far far away called Brgy. Burot, Calatagan you’ll be lucky enough to see this wonder. Located on an almost impossible route, detoured by a complex labyrinth of mangroves you’ll find this beautiful beach. It’s a perfect sanctuary with pure white sand like baby powder, crystal clear bluish water with lovely small fishes and gooey jellyfishes. Not to mention the wide shoreline stretching to almost 10 hectares. No residence. No garbage floating. No distraction. Just the beach!

With all the good things I said about this amazing beach you’ll be surprised that you can enjoy this for an incredible low price of 60 pesos per head and 150 pesos for cottage rent. It’s a perfect get away for the family on a budget because your five-hundred pesos will go a long way. Push yourself to the limit and start the fun as soon as possible, because you can never tell how much ice will melt on the polar caps! So what are you waiting for, spend your splendid summer weekend at Brgy. Burot, Calatagan. Just the beach, and not the b*tch!

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