the boy with the broken stomach
Luckily it's my turn
Great things happen, you just have to wait.

A moment is a fraction in time you single out as something special or perhaps a point bends you towards an entirely different direction. We'll all have our turning point in our lives and luckily it’s my turn.

Things changed after college, when I decided to work as a programmer on this budding software house that caters school management system. I found my work exciting; putting me into a position I’ve always wanted; uplifting me and realizing what I am capable of. I was able to visit different schools, talk to clients, train people, go to places offshore, attend executive meetings and be a part of something growing.

Being a part of something big tickles me
What inspires me to strive more is the idea of lessening the work load to teachers. I understand this much because my mother is a teacher too. Being a single parent and a widow not once but twice, not to mention her oh-so-terrifying-teaching aura, makes me admire her even more. She was able to raise us with all her might just to make sure we will have a good future. And now it’s payback time. I’m thankful that with my work I was able to help my family. I was able to put a water line in our house, gave my lola a mini refrigerator, replaced our washing machine, bought my mom a phone for her birthday, all of these and more are yet to come. 

Tito, Me, Lola, Mom and Lil' Bro

Simple things are your little steps towards greatness and it will always start @home. After all that has happened to me I realized that maybe God’s preparing something special for me. All you have to do is to wait in God’s time. With all the positive things happening in my life I know I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way!

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