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Tag-banas sa Batangas
I think I have a fever 'coz I’m hot.

When I was kid I’m always excited for summer vacation. It’s the time of the year where you get to enjoy the simple things in life. Bathing under the warm sun during weekend mornings on a beach near our place and flying bulador (kite) at the afternoon together with other kids. Also during summer my cousins used to visit us and spend their vacation at my grandmother’s house. Often we go to the Bahay ng Berong to pick some kalumpit (  Terminalia edulis Blanco ). After collecting a handful our lola would make matamis na kalumpit. Ah! Childhood memories – life was so simple way back then.

Today, things are getting complicated. It’s only February but the temperature here in Batangas is scourging hot. It’s like you can fry eggs on pavement. Well I guess this is what our science teacher call global warming. Global warming/ Greenhouse effect is no longer just the last few chapters on grader's science textbook. It's a phenomenal event happening right now and it’s no joke. All the catastrophe occurring here and over the world is very alarming especially climate change. Sometimes I wonder is it summer or global warming. Ang banas sa Batangas!

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