the boy with the broken stomach
“It's not every day you get a chance to meet new people and make friends and have a headache at the same time.”

Since my second week stay on my new apartment, I have had trouble staying there. The deafening silence fires my wild imagination and paranoia. I was very lonely for several days, because you don’t sleep in a twin size bed alone and expect to be alright. I was like a patient in a mental hospital confined to a room of white walls and pink cabinets.

All changed last Tuesday up until yesterday. The apartment that was once dull and boring was filled with a pleasant atmosphere. Four new friends came to stay, to make me happy (and sometimes stressed). They were like a Christmas gift to me.I had to help and train them for our project and it was like a package deal.

We were like orphans in a foster home. We eat and sleep (but not shower) together. Never the less it was a nice experience, to pear head this little monsters to be better programmers. I was able to share to them what I know, and I was able to learn from them as well. It was truly a new and enjoyable experience that I will never forget.

Photos by Marlon Cuevas
"The moon's bleeding tonight!"

Last June the world experienced the full lunar eclipse on some countries but not here. Tonight the Philippines is lucky enough to witness this magnificent night show. It's the second lunar eclipse of the year.  Are these really signs from the heavens?

These are very rare astrological phenomenons to happen very frequent in the year before the so called "doomsday", 2012. Not to mention the Super Moon last March. Sometimes I wonder why all of these are happening. Is this really is it?

The moon is currently red as it is on the greatest eclipse starting 10:31 P.M. When the clock strikes 12:17 A.M. it will go partial eclipse and concludes the penumbral eclipse on 1:30 A.M. The next lunar eclipse will happen on 2014 so don't miss this rare opportunity to see the moon. Who knows if will be able to see this again after 2012. Go outside and see the moon turn red!

"I wanna be an Eskimo. Eskimo. Eskimo. I wanna be an Eskimo. Es es. Ki ki mo!"

Most Filipinos, especially the younger generation wanted to be an artista. They all want to be seen on television. You know, to be sikat and experience all of the glitz and glamour of Philippine show business. Enjoy getting linked to co-stars, being blind-itemed, doing concert tours and my favorite part, endorsing products. The best perk an artista could possibly have. Then one day someone just offered me to be one. Funny yet exciting.

When I was kid, I never really wanted to be an artista like any other kids. The only thing I have in mind is to be an endorser. I loved promoting products. Making people believe it actually woks or tastes delicious. Experience the product first hand and influence the public what to buy, that’s what I dreamed to do. And you would notice lately in the blog posts, I’m promoting foods and beverages. I don’t get a single dime from those posts. I just really wanted to share you the things I think is good and hoping you might too.

Mang Inasal’s chicken tastes good but not the extra rice. McDonald’s burgers are epic win but not their crews are epic fail. Coke zero is delicious but the aspartate in it is dangerous to your health. The major difference of me from television endorsers is I don’t give false advertisement or hidden charges. I’m just telling you what I think is real when you pay your groceries on the counter. So do you still want to be an artista?