the boy with the broken stomach
“It's not every day you get a chance to meet new people and make friends and have a headache at the same time.”

Since my second week stay on my new apartment, I have had trouble staying there. The deafening silence fires my wild imagination and paranoia. I was very lonely for several days, because you don’t sleep in a twin size bed alone and expect to be alright. I was like a patient in a mental hospital confined to a room of white walls and pink cabinets.

All changed last Tuesday up until yesterday. The apartment that was once dull and boring was filled with a pleasant atmosphere. Four new friends came to stay, to make me happy (and sometimes stressed). They were like a Christmas gift to me.I had to help and train them for our project and it was like a package deal.

We were like orphans in a foster home. We eat and sleep (but not shower) together. Never the less it was a nice experience, to pear head this little monsters to be better programmers. I was able to share to them what I know, and I was able to learn from them as well. It was truly a new and enjoyable experience that I will never forget.

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