the boy with the broken stomach

AKO BUDOY hits twitter trends just like that.Awed. Surprised. Delighted.

Bruno Mars (@BruroMars)and Katy Perry (@katvperry)  tweeted    (appears to be fake) about AKO BUDOY, and is trending worldwide. Another hit from a pilot episode from a new television show at ABS-CBN. I could still remember when 100 Days to Heaven first aired. It also reached the worldwide trending. Other twitter users thought it’s one hundred days before the end of the world.

Budoy Ako, starring Gerald Anderson(@gerald3anderson). According to Wikipedia:

     The story is about a well-renowned family of doctors, the Maniegos. Bound to success but with no child, Dr. Anton Maniego performed an artificial insemination to his wife Luisa. She give birth to their child "Budoy." Upon Budoy's birth is a family blessing but later on turns into the family in shame when they discover that Budoy is suffering from Angelman syndrome, which delays his intellectual development

I wasn’t able to watch it but I bet it’s good.Congratulations Gerald! Thumbs up to ABS-CBN for a job well done. And also to our fellow Filipino twitter users who made AKO BUDOY trend worldwide. It just simply proves that Filipinos are super madaldal, in any form of communication media. Whether we are using our beautiful voices or our oh so good tweets. Mabuhay ang ibong tiririt!

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