the boy with the broken stomach
Photos by Marlon Cuevas
"The moon's bleeding tonight!"

Last June the world experienced the full lunar eclipse on some countries but not here. Tonight the Philippines is lucky enough to witness this magnificent night show. It's the second lunar eclipse of the year.  Are these really signs from the heavens?

These are very rare astrological phenomenons to happen very frequent in the year before the so called "doomsday", 2012. Not to mention the Super Moon last March. Sometimes I wonder why all of these are happening. Is this really is it?

The moon is currently red as it is on the greatest eclipse starting 10:31 P.M. When the clock strikes 12:17 A.M. it will go partial eclipse and concludes the penumbral eclipse on 1:30 A.M. The next lunar eclipse will happen on 2014 so don't miss this rare opportunity to see the moon. Who knows if will be able to see this again after 2012. Go outside and see the moon turn red!

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