the boy with the broken stomach
"Extra Rice pa po Sir? "

I love Mang Inasal, especially their PM 1 Meal which consists of a tasteful Chicken Barbacue or Inasal and unlimited rice. Yes you heard it right unlimited rice, for only 99 Pesos. It’s the best inasal in town and they are definitely the “Home of Real Pinoy Style Barbecue”.

Mang Inasal just recently introduced a new product to people who loves spicy food. The New PM 1.5 Spicy Paa, that comes with an unlimited rice deal. Bursting in hot flavorful chicken barbecue and steaming rice, you’ll definitely get hooked and want more. For a very affordable price of 99 pesos also.

As a Filipino a meal will not be complete without rice and eating in a restaurant that offers bountiful rice servings is like heaven here on earth. Sky’s the limit or until your tummy explodes. I usually image Mang Inasal having a paramedic beside the counter. So customers will have a helping hand when they go beyond the limit of their stomach. Another thing I like about Mang Inasal is their flavorful soup. It tastes just like a real sinigang (with a lot of preservatives and additives, very addicting). So next time you go outside to eat, look for Mang Inasal and combat with gluttony. Sasabog ang tiyan mo sa sarap!

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