the boy with the broken stomach
"We're not friends. We're not enemies. We're just strangers, with some memories."

That one EX who told you: "Di ko kayang mabuhay ng wala ka, " patay na ba? ("I can't leave without you," is he dead already?). Life as we know it is filled with overreacting bitches. That heartbreak is one painful shit that can take away their everything. Whether it's you, or if you can't accept it's you, let's assume someone you knew, tend to overreact on this bizarre rage of emotions. But is it really possible to die from a broken heart? Science has the answer.

Overreacting or not these are some key points that prove heartbroken can cause you death:
  1. Chances of having heart attack or stroke doubles after 30 days of losing a loved one.
  2. Brain activities of people grieving for a death of a loved one is similar of those with a wounded heart.
  3. Body reaction to emotion stress of a break up like a physical illness.
  4. Stress hormones induce cardiomyopathy, although doesn't kill like a heart attack but the symptoms are the same.
  5.  Breakups gives you this drug withdrawal syndrome that puts you in a cycle of love and hate.

Time really heals all wounds. After 30 days all these physical and mental response will go away. Move on, get a life and learn from this. Eventually you'll realize how jerk he was and how awesome it is to be single, free and ready to mingle. My friend once said to be, "Magmahal ka lang, "(Just love). You can't find true love if you stop loving.

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