the boy with the broken stomach

"Let the Hunger Games begin!"

SANTO TOMAS, Batangas — Resto 101 where buffet meets budget. Find the ultimate menu of mouth watering dishes from soups, side dishes, main courses and desserts. How about a chocolate fountain?

Last night I was deliberately looking for a nice place where I can enjoy my Friday night. I opted not go to a bar again because everyone online already thought I'm alcoholic. Also I currently have an issue on money and weight loss. I needed to eat more and spend less, if that's even possible.

Resto 101 is the ultimate budget buffet restaurant with it's wide selection of dishes and classy theme. Find with it ease along Maharlika Highway opposite McDonald's, second floor above Metro Bank. Dig in with delectable delicacies as much as you can, for a fraction of price. Enjoy your unlimited merienda for only P99;  feast your lunch and dinner for only P199. It's perfect for family and friends for different occasions and events.

Delicious dishes all you can

I had a wonderful evening last night with  good ambiance and great food served. Definitely Resto 101 is a great restaurant that fits your money and your tummy, a deal you might not find anywhere else. Just make sure you are prepared before going to this place because you will be welcomed with a bundle of festivity!

"Dan dan dan, Dalandan!"

Do you want to taste a green orange or build a snowman? Why does the new Nesfruta Dalandan Commercial sound like a theme song from a recent Disney film? Is it real?

I was puzzled about this "Dalandan Meme" and after doing some research I found out it was all about the new Nesfruta Dalandan TV commercial, starring Cheska Garcia-Kramer and her adorable Kendra. The scene starts on a lush green field with Cheska asking her daughter, "Do you want to taste a green orange?" Kendra as a little-innocent-adorable girl replied in amazement, "Green orange, for real?"  And then afterwards the product reveal, instantly turning into a musical-fun-filled hypnotic production number. You'll be singing along with it, "Dan dan dan Dalandan", for real!

Clearly this commercial shows one of the proven propaganda techniques called Repetition. As described on Wikipedia:

"This type of propaganda deals with a jingle or word that is repeated over and over again, thus getting it stuck in someones head, so they can buy the product. " 
One of the crucial element in this ad is the familiar tune at the beginning from the popular Disney film Frozen. If you are keen enough you can actually distinguish the same flow from the original. Anna calls Elsa where in this case Cheska calls Kendra. Your brain plays with you and then when you get the hang of it you will be hypnotized until  the end of the song and be singing the "Dan dan dan Dalandan!" really.

"We're not friends. We're not enemies. We're just strangers, with some memories."

That one EX who told you: "Di ko kayang mabuhay ng wala ka, " patay na ba? ("I can't leave without you," is he dead already?). Life as we know it is filled with overreacting bitches. That heartbreak is one painful shit that can take away their everything. Whether it's you, or if you can't accept it's you, let's assume someone you knew, tend to overreact on this bizarre rage of emotions. But is it really possible to die from a broken heart? Science has the answer.

Overreacting or not these are some key points that prove heartbroken can cause you death:
  1. Chances of having heart attack or stroke doubles after 30 days of losing a loved one.
  2. Brain activities of people grieving for a death of a loved one is similar of those with a wounded heart.
  3. Body reaction to emotion stress of a break up like a physical illness.
  4. Stress hormones induce cardiomyopathy, although doesn't kill like a heart attack but the symptoms are the same.
  5.  Breakups gives you this drug withdrawal syndrome that puts you in a cycle of love and hate.

Time really heals all wounds. After 30 days all these physical and mental response will go away. Move on, get a life and learn from this. Eventually you'll realize how jerk he was and how awesome it is to be single, free and ready to mingle. My friend once said to be, "Magmahal ka lang, "(Just love). You can't find true love if you stop loving.

"We have beer as cold as your EX's heart"

It's weekend again. The night is young and so are you. Wouldn't it be nice to find a perfect place to spend the evening? Intoxicate yourself from alcohol and acoustics. At The Park, Tanauan, Batangas you can have that little piece of heaven, perfectly situated along J.P Laurel Highway.

I don't consider myself alcoholic. I'm more like well-hydrated. I don't really like going to loud and crazy bar where everyone is so drunk and dancing. I'm more into chill and comfy gastropub with fine acoustic band;Thursday to Saturday two sessions from 7PM - 9PM. With all the stress I had the entire week, it's more appropriate to go on a peaceful place like The Park. I wish they could have changed their name into The Heaven (but that would sound more like a beer house filled wild seductive women, kidding aside).

The Park Bed and Breakfast, a place where you can be drunk and still feel classy. Not only can you order beer as cold as your EX's heart, they also serve frappĂ©, pastas and sandwich to tickle your tastes buds. How about cocktails? There's this one blue mix called Smurf that tastes so good you can be tricked it's non-alcoholic but knocks you off  later so bad, it's good. Try it for yourself! Go alone or go with friends, you will enjoy it. When you get there, don't forget to foursquare check-in. Try to dethrone me mayor.