the boy with the broken stomach
"Beer me some coffee."

There are two things that I couldn't resist — alcohol and coffee. If it's a Starbucks coffee count me in and if it's FREE tag be double. Ever since I discovered the wonders of overrated coffee I started to become addicted to it.

Owning the green shinny Starbucks Card is a token of pride and association to the magnificent bean blender from heaven. Like other loyalty program you earn points (or stars in this case) each you use the card for purchase. 12 stars and you will get a FREE Grande Beverage of your choice. It just makes you to get more until you finally redeem that one FREE coffee. Crazy isn't it?

As a "semi-regular" customer, by that I mean an occasional drinker since those cups aren't cheap, I've been witnessing lucky customers receiving this peculiar receipt, as the barista congratulates him/her. I wonder why. Then one day it dawn on me, a longer than usual receipt written with the words — "Customer Voice Receipt". Aha! This is it. The rare receipt given to a random yet lucky customer that entitles him/her on a FREE Beverage. Crazier!

On,you will be prompted an online survey asking you to key in your Customer Code found on the receipt and answer some questions. When you finish this you will get a Complimentary Beverage ID which you need to write on your receipt and present it on the store to redeem. Just a warning, offer expires 14 days from the date of the receipt so make sure you will not miss this FREE treat from Starbucks.

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