the boy with the broken stomach

"Let there be light! Bright lights everywhere."

TANAUAN, Batangas — The City of Color held the first Parade of Lights last night March 8, 2014 stretching across Jose P. Laurel Highway showcasing the magnificent floats from different businesses, schools and organizations. It was truly the brightest night  of the city as they celebrate their 13th Cityhood Anniversary today.

The event was inviting that even as early as 5 P.M. people are already swarming across the streets to find their perfect spot to witness the spectacular Parade of Lights. Moments later the streets lights where turned off signaling the start, exciting the everybody even more.

The crowd cheered with sheer joy both young and old as the show unfolds before their eyes. Street dancers lit with bright neon glow groove into the beat enchanting us all, but it was just the start. Following it were the stars of the night, captivating and glowing floats from several establishments. The crowd was left in awe and spectacle as if there were charmed with bright lights and upbeat music.

I'm not a Tanauan native but I was captured by it's benevolent and caring people when I went to college here. I have seen before my eyes how it progress through the years and it's incredibly amazing. It still gives me that tingly sensation brought by the nostalgia of my earlier years in the city. Tanauan is surely the City of Color, a city of hope to it's people.

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