the boy with the broken stomach
"The scariest thing to happen to you on a pay day – Debit of Doom!"

After days of toil and hard work you have always look forward to that day. We all look forward to that special day when we feel like we're a one day millionaire, as if we can buy everything; then shit happens.

You go to an ATM, flawlessly inserted your card and punched your PIN. You have mastered the menus and can even withdraw without looking on the screen. The machine then ejected your card and your hand sweat for that lush and tender cash you worked for weeks. It took a while than the usual but you know it's just a matter of seconds, but time passed by and the line behind you is getting longer, people are getting annoyed. Then you realized that you have been a victim of the scariest thing called Debit of Doom.

What should you do to this crisis? First panic! Let the tension and irritation overwhelm you. Then afterwards, calm down. Think straight. If you have access on an online banking, check your balance immediately. If you have been debited, keep the receipt if you have one. Talk to the personnel of the bank or if none is available call the hotline. Usually it is printed on the machine. Document everything  you can have as proof such as screenshot. Lastly hope for the best.

They say prevention is better than cure. If this doesn't happened to you before, then lucky you. To prevent this from happening, always select a decent ATM:

  1. Don't withdraw to machine that no one is falling in line. You might see that as a good opportunity but  that might also be a sign that no one is trusting that buggy machine.
  2. As much as possible look for personnel near the machine just in case your transaction fails.
  3. Never talk to strangers who ought to help you, this might be just a modus.
  4. You might not see it convenient but it's safer to withdraw with a crowded areas like a mall. Although you're swarming among those crazy people you can assure assistance just in case something unexpected happens.
I hope this will never happen to you. If it does, remember the tips I told you. This can help you through.

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