the boy with the broken stomach
"We might not have the answers but maybe we're asking the wrong questions."

I have open myself to every possible way to find the one. I kept trying for years now but still no good. I'm still the lonely boy spending his free time blogging, updating the internet about his boring life. Sometimes I wonder why this couple in front of me found each other. If they say there are a lot of fish in the ocean, why haven't I caught a single sea creature? Should I stop searching and accept the fact I'm gonna grow old alone. This shit gives shiver to my spine. What the heck is happening to me, seriously?!

Life for me has always been bittersweet. Most of the time it's bitter though with relatively low chances of sweetness. Coffee makes me happy, next after to beer. Only when caffeine spikes that I tend to forget my emptiness. I surely sound melodramatic but you can't blame me. I just hope there's a pill to make my hormone forget that stupid longingness.

There are so many questions left unanswered. Did I did something wrong? Have I been cursed? I get more weird and pathetic everytime I ask myself like this. I'm just wishing the universe to either hit me by a scorching asteroid or anything that will make me feel warm. I just hope that like a cup of unstirred black coffee that tastes bitter crazy, lies a incredibly sweet delight at the bottom.

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