the boy with the broken stomach
"It's not the destination but the journey."

What will you feel if your kindergarten classmate/friend has finally tied the knot to that one person she will be for life? Well I guess, it is only normal to feel this weird tingling sensation of happiness and excitement. It's like you're seeing a fairy tale happening right before your eyes that's totally surreal.

It is in our twenties that big things happen. Getting a job,buying a car or in this case getting married. I didn't see it coming this soon. That girl you knew since you started schooling and  had your first communion with, the pretty lady on your high school batch that you called "OTS" and now the woman in her bridal gown walking down the isle, wearing the sweetest smile. Isn't that crazy? She's getting married!

The entire day was a fun filled adventure, from finding our way to the magnificent San Antonio De Padua Church up to the majestic reception at Ville Sommet. Although it was not an easy ride, I had the most amazing bonding experience with my two friends Kim (@kemkemhurhurr) and Vina (@iko18), as we battle against the dusty and rough roads up to the embarrassing walkathon. All of these was paid off when we finally got closer to the beautiful bride Mrs. Beverly Paolene Baretto-Nioko and his dashing groom Mr. Alvin Baretto-Nioko. After an very exhausting day we were able to say our best wishes to our friend and his husband. Congratulations to both of you!

Update: Photos from the church of San Antonio de Padua, Silang, Cavite

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