the boy with the broken stomach
“Alam mo kung saan masarap mag-kape? Sa burol mo! Libre pa.”

I’m never really a fan of Starbucks coffee. First and foremost, I don’t see the practical reason of buying an expensive coffee other than posting it online and bragging it to your friends that you are “susyal”. Second I won’t sell my soul to the devil just to have sip of a taste bud numbing sugary beverage.

Things changed when I saw Starbucks' 2013 Planner. The planner everyone is talking about. And when I saw it I fell in love. Nothing matters most than to have one of those leathery bounded pages with woman raising her hand, as if she’s saying, “Immortality! Take it! It's yours!”

I took all my courage to start the quest of collecting the mighty 17 stickers. To get these completed I need to drink 8 cups of core beverage and 9 cups seasonal beverage which includes Peppermint Mocha, Dark Cherry Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte. Nothing sounds familiar; do they have 3 in 1 instead?

I was planning to finish ten cups yesterday but I was drowning on the third cup. My first cup was a Toffee Nut Latte Frappuccino (Php 160). It tastes good but too sweet. Second was a Tall Plain Brewed Coffee (Php 90) to counteract my numb taste buds. Tall Dark Cherry Mocha Hot (Php 155) was my third cup that tastes like boiled cough syrup. After that I decided to stop because I’m starring to have a headache. I found out I’m not wired to intake caffeine more than three cups, and that was a discovery. But I still have high hope that I’m going to complete those stickers and have my own Starbucks' 2013 Planner.

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