the boy with the broken stomach
Buhos o palitada?
Diamonds are forever. Forever! 

It almost a year since I started having regular sessions on my favorite facial center, Lynderm. I will never forget the first facial treatment. It's funny and painful session; but I can attest that since then there have been improvements.

My friends and relatives keep teasing me glowing and it tickles me a lot hearing this from them. I guess a little more teasing and I can give them twenty pesos already. “Wow! Kapogi ba ni tutoy.”, and I will just smile back. Kilig to the bones.

Usually I undergo their signature facial but I also wanted to try one of their services particularly the Diamond Peel, with its amazing process of gently exfoliating your skin. My dermatologist didn't want me to try it if I have active zits or reddish skin. But I guess I was gifted with rosy cheeks and it seems safe. So she agreed for me to undergo the procedure.

First thing I thought were they‘ll be using a shiny diamond to scrape my skin with a ring in mind. My expectation was way beyond what actually happened. My eyes were closed and I have no idea what it looks like but as far as I can remember there were three types of object pounding and rubbing my face. All of them had a circular sucking motion with a tingling sensation. Afterwards I feel exfoliated as if I had a new pair of skin. It’s great, smaller pores and smoother skin. It’s like magic!

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