the boy with the broken stomach
“Break it to me gently, if you have to then tell me lies.” 

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is truly an epic finale. It’s the most anticipated ending of the saga. Twihards, as twilight fans call themselves (including me), are so excited to see how Bella Swan will be like as a new born vampire.

The heighten senses, perfect skin (wish mine too), extra-ordinary strength and glistens in sunlight. Not to mention her and Edward’s beautiful daughter, half human half vampire, Renesmee; she happens to be Jacob’s imprint – a wolf thing. Plus all the dangles and twists of the twilight universe like vampire clans from different parts of the globe and the notorious Volturi that ought to keep the secrecy of their existence to humans.

So what did I expect? Well more than expected. It started with the blood and snow metaphor for Bella’s transformation, which was quite impressive but not immersive. The story was technically demanding specially Renesmee’s quick growth and maturity. There’s this visual challenge of how to accomplish that.

I hardly enjoyed the middle part of the movie but what caught my attention was the face-off of the Cullen’s pack and the Volturi’s. Deadly fight scene, breathe taking combat, swift moves, furry fury and if vampires bleed, it will be a blood bath!  And what better way to enjoy watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 than to have a perfect Snack Duo from Jollibee - Grape Float and Sour cream Crisscut Fries for only Php 75.

No matter how good the show is, it has to end. But one thing’s for sure, Twilight Saga will always have a place in the hearts of those who once lived on a universe where vampires are real and true love is forever. So could you please break it to me gently at least leave me with my pride?

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