the boy with the broken stomach
Photo taken by Gervie Macahia
Batangas has the X Factor!

The X Factor Philippines Batangas audition held at my alma mater First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAIth), Tanauan City Batangas.

 I’m not a fan of local reality/ talent shows but I could not really resist the temptation of seeing the now Super-Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle-Oh-So-Gorgeous host – KC Concepcion. The nationwide phenomenon is just starting because you’ll definitely get hooked. The X Factor is on!

I prepared so much for this day, to see KC in flesh. I went just in the nick in time and lucky to see her holding area just before she arrives. I took a picture of it, having a great hope to catch her and see her close. And her van arrived and the crowd including me became excited. More passionate than the contestants, we eagerly waited for her to step out of the van but so came the bouncers, bouncing us away. But that didn’t stop me; I waited until she came out. That moment was priceless, that I was star-struck holding my phone looking for the camera button and while being an idiot to not able to take a picture. The only thing that came into my mouth was – “Si KC. Si KC oh.” Then she said hi, entered the room and she was gone. :(
We waited for her to come out of the van

It's never too late to experience winter wonderland!

I have never tried ice skating in my entire life. I had had a fear after watching Final Destination 6. With all the paranoia I swear to myself not to try it. But what else could you do when you’re surrounded with adrenaline-packed friends ready to combat the unknown. And take note we were all first timers.

Putting on the skating shoes was hell hard and if in one point an ant bites you inside you cannot easily unplug your foot to escape the bug’s venom. It was like putting yourself nearer to death. After putting our dancing shoes the next was the hardest part, putting your feet into the ice. It was like when man first step foot on the moon, a combined feeling of slippery-when-wet and keep-off-the-grass warnings. And in just a few seconds we fell off like a domino. These were the few moments of every ice skating experience started – “first fall”, leaving a cold damp butt. Experience the thrill at SM Mall of Asia Ice Skating Rink for only Php 390 and skate 'til you ankles ache.

I envy the little kids gliding effortlessly on the ice skating range, as if they were born that way. They were like cute little penguins and we were like stupid little freaks staring at them. Nevertheless I enjoyed this experience, plunging into the ice while having sweat beads on my forehead. Ice ice baby!

Imagine the world without liberty. Imagine the internet without free knowledge. Will you survive?

Currently there is an ongoing protest all over the world against the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). The bills could change the future of the internet. The bills that can directly impact big internet companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and many more. It’s like the dark ages of the World Wide Web.

So how does it work? Basically private corporation wants to block sites where people can download unauthorized copy of movies, music, tv shows and the like. The bill allows US-based internet provider to block access to infringing domain names. It can also sue US-based search engines, blogs, social network and other websites to which those invading links where moved. Secondly it the government can cut off funds to those infringing websites from advertisers to cancel those accounts. And that’s how it is in a nutshell. But with this overwhelming power of the US government we can never really tell what will happen next.

Having SOPA will only mean one thing: The idea of expressing ourselves over the internet will be much limited. We can be imprisoned from singing a pop song upload on Youtube. Facebook and Twitter users will be censored on things they post on the site. We need to do something about this. We are talking about the interne; rich, vibrant and vital network to which our generation is depending on. STOP PIPA! NO TO SOPA! Take action.

 HOORAY for today with the wonderful Big Breakfast Meal: toasted muffin, scrambled egg, beef patty, hash brown smothered with Heinz tomato ketchup and brewed coffee. Make yourself happy. Happy new me!

The year 2012 is a whole new year for us to prosper. And what better way to start it right that to have a nice breakfast. I have always been hooked to the delightful meals of McDonald’s, because you get to have an extra posh without paying extra. It was made more inviting for its customer with the new McDonald’s Positivize – It’s sticky notepad. Yours on your 5th breakfast course. A perfect gift this New Year. You need to collect stamps from five participating meals: Big Breakfast Meal, Sausage Platter with Rice or Muffin Meal, 3-pc Hotcakes with Sausage Meal, Longganisa Meal, and 3-pc Hotcakes Meal. Each one comes with a drink of your choice. So what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest McDonald's; enjoy the delicious breakfast meal and have a hooray for today!

How can you face your problem if the problem is your face?

Since my puberty I have always been struggling to stay away from every teenager’s nightmare – pimples. Like any other unfortunate teen I have suffered severely from these red itchy bumps, but this not put me down.

After sometime, when the amusement has slowly fading and my face is healing I decide to make a move. What better way to start the year than to pamper yourself. Make yourself look better. Have a facial. It might help. Beside everything has to end. I should reinvent myself to a new me this 2012. Happy new me!

Before I go home for New Year’s Eve I decided to inquire at Lynderm located to a mall near my place and told them I’d be back after New Year. I was amazed of how affordable there service are. Since it was my first time I really don’t know what or which thing to try.   I have active pimples, so the receptionist suggested me to have a facial for only Php 300. And I just said yes without knowing what lies behind.

The session was great. The dermatologist put some cool gel on my face to cleanse and moisturize it. Then she opened the steam machine to open my pores but I thought they are trying to make me like a puto bungbong. After sometime, she started pricking my pimples. Hell it was the most painful thing ever happened to my face. I was like being stab by small sharp needles. I tried to shout but I can’t. The most agonizing part was when she sadistically pumped my nose, squeezing every dirt, oil and hope I have. It was the true definitions of no pain no gain. I thought I’m gonna die. Please don’t try this alone.

Happy new me! That's my new year's resolution. 

New year for a new life. Let's all welcome it with happiness in our hearts. Make this a new start and a symbol of hope for each one of us. It's 2012, rejoice!

Every time the New Year comes we all look forward for celebration and aspiring a better tomorrow; believing to the promise prosperity, luck, love and everything good. Not to mention our eagerness for change of one's self, popularly known as "NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION". But most of these are left as sole promises and doesn't really been accomplished for the entire year. So why fool yourself, tell everybody about your new year's resolution, when in the first place you're into it. Why create a long to do's list that is impossible to achieve, when you can have one simple goal. Be happy! Happy new me on 2012 and everything will fall into place. 

I don't expect for anything, I'm just looking forward for the wonderful things this year has to offer for me. If it is love, good. If it is money, better. Whatever it is I'm hoping for the best. Let's all have this kind of attitude and be positive. Party like, like it's the end of the world! But wait the world won't end, because my yogurt will expire in 2014. Do not fret.