the boy with the broken stomach
How can you face your problem if the problem is your face?

Since my puberty I have always been struggling to stay away from every teenager’s nightmare – pimples. Like any other unfortunate teen I have suffered severely from these red itchy bumps, but this not put me down.

After sometime, when the amusement has slowly fading and my face is healing I decide to make a move. What better way to start the year than to pamper yourself. Make yourself look better. Have a facial. It might help. Beside everything has to end. I should reinvent myself to a new me this 2012. Happy new me!

Before I go home for New Year’s Eve I decided to inquire at Lynderm located to a mall near my place and told them I’d be back after New Year. I was amazed of how affordable there service are. Since it was my first time I really don’t know what or which thing to try.   I have active pimples, so the receptionist suggested me to have a facial for only Php 300. And I just said yes without knowing what lies behind.

The session was great. The dermatologist put some cool gel on my face to cleanse and moisturize it. Then she opened the steam machine to open my pores but I thought they are trying to make me like a puto bungbong. After sometime, she started pricking my pimples. Hell it was the most painful thing ever happened to my face. I was like being stab by small sharp needles. I tried to shout but I can’t. The most agonizing part was when she sadistically pumped my nose, squeezing every dirt, oil and hope I have. It was the true definitions of no pain no gain. I thought I’m gonna die. Please don’t try this alone.

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